October Unprocessed – Five foods you should avoid

October Unprocessed is a great initiative challenging people to do exactly that, go a month without eating processed foods. For those of you that are not doing it you should at least check out their website and follow the journey on Facebook as there is lots of great recipe ideas and some excellent information about the processed food we eat and what it is doing to us. Here’s an excerpt from a story from their website eatingrules.com

As a harried mom, food blogger, and marketing consultant, I initially questioned the reality of someone like me feeding her family 100% unprocessed food for 30 days. After talking with Andrew last year, the net result was a guest post about ten healthy, family-friendly snacksand an understanding that the real purpose of the challenge was education and awareness…. Today, I am writing about five ingredients to avoid consuming in your food…

…Applying this epigenetic concept to food and our bodies, Dr. Shetreat-Klein further explained that what you eat and what you’re exposed to may change how your body works… In this definition, highly processed foods would be included in the category of environmental factors that change how our body works. She highlighted this concept by explaining five food products to avoid, and why.

…Keep in mind that these ingredients can be disguised with other monikers, so be vigilant when reading labels.

Read the rest of the story by following this link and find out why MSG, Aspartame, Food Dyes/Colours, Preservatives and High Fructose Corn Syrup are bad, bad, bad!

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