Expanding Healthy Meat Options at EPIC Markets – Canberra

It has been a while since we visited the EPIC Markets here in Canberra but last weekend we braved the cold and rain to enjoy a lovely morning of shopping at our weekly farmers markets. We were very happy to see that there were some great options for healthy meat and meat products, grass-fed, free-range and biodynamic, take your pick. Here’s a quick overview of the the producers we found. So next time you’re thinking of buying meat, support the producers at your local farmers market who are producing healthy, sustainable and happy meat. If we have missed any meat stall holders please let us know and we’re more than happy to update this post.

Greenhill Organic and Biodynamic Meat

Greenfoodie is very happy to recommend this producer for outstanding ethical and organic farming practices. Greenhill Farm is located near Bungendore, and delivers direct to your door in Canberra or you can buy from their stall at the EPIC markets. Greenhill guarantees their beef is certified biodynamic by internationally recognised biodynamic certifier Demeter. They also guarantee that their beef is 100% grass fed, is of consistent premium quality and is ethically produced on their traditional family farm. Visit their website www.greenhillorganicmeat.com.aufor more information about their farm, how they produce their cattle and the importance of grass-fed beef for our health.

Bundawarrah – born and bred free-range pork, saltbush grazed lamb

Bundawarrah born & bred Free Range Pork was established in 1994 on Stephen and Kim Roberts third generation family farm and is part of a mixed farming enterprise. Owned operated and marketed by the Roberts and their three daughters, the decision to farm their pigs in an alternative outdoor system was governed by several factors, including lifestyle and welfare of their stock. Their mission is to provide their discerning customers with a quality, succulent product. While achieving this goal, they intend to meet their stock’s natural habitat, health and welfare needs as well as keeping up with today’s technology and yesterday’s “commonsense” practices. Visit their website www.bundawarrah.com.aufor more information or come down to EPIC Markets and try their products yourself.

Minto Galloways

Minto Galloway Stud, established in 1989 is situated just north of Canberra and just off the Barton Highway connecting Canberra to Yass and the Hume Highway. The proprietors of Minto Galloways value their traditional Galloway Cattle breed for their unique double hair coat, their foraging ability and ability to finish off grass, their ability to marble and to produce beef low in saturated fats and high in Omega 3’s and other essential health giving elements. For these reasons they are passionate about maintaining a 100% full blood Galloway herd. Galloways are recognised overseas and in certain areas of Australia as full flavoured, juicy, tender meat. Minto Galloway Stud is proud to bring fresh and frozen Galloway cattle to Canberra’s markets. Visit their page on Capital Region Farmers Marketsfor more information.

Gilmore Braes Heritage Beef and Dorper Lamb

Ian and Mandy McCorkindale from High Country Farm and Tree Nursery, Batlow NSW, have branched out to supply markets with “well marbled meat, a tender, uniquely flavoursome beef” from Scottish Highland Beef and Welsh Bred Cattle. They are proud to bring these free range, grass fed traditional breeds to Canberra’s markets. Visit their page on Capital Region Farmers Marketsfor more information.

Inglebrae Homestead Meats

Ian and Leslie Wright from Inglebrae Homestead Meats sell beef, lamb, pork, (processed meats including sausages), rabbit, geese, duck and eggs. You can see them every Saturday at the EPIC farmer’s markets.

Lost River Produce

Lost River Produce is a family run business in Crookwell NSW delivering farm fresh beef & lamb straight from the farm to your door. Their beef and lamb is 100% guaranteed: No hormones, No antibiotics, Great tasting meat, Grass fed, Aged for optimum tenderness, Consistent quality. They have their own on-farm processing facility, which allows them to control the whole production line from the paddock right through to your plate and they are fully licensed with NSW & ACT Food Authority. Customers can order individual cuts or meat packages for better value for money and in addition to selling their produce at the EPIC markets they deliver direct to your door in Sydney, Southern Highlands, Goulburn, Crookwell & Canberra. Visit their site at www.lostriverproduce.com.au or go see them at the farmers markets every Saturday morning.

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