Reversing Desertification in Semi Arid and Arid Areas – Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration

The Permaculture Research Institute (PRI) recently held the highly successful 10th International Permaculture Conference in Jordan. PRI Australia filmed the Conference have generously provided the videos for free on their website PRI Australia. One extremely interesting presentation by Tony Rinaudo shows a simple and highly successful method to reverse desertification in semi arid and arid areas.

Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration has been able to regenerate some of the most degraded lands in the world within a few years, on a large scale, with very little financial inputs, using methods that can be easily taught to anyone regardless of education levels and which has a direct impact on crop yields and the health and well-being of communities.

Watch this inspiring video of Tony Rinaudo’s presentation at the 10th International Permaculture Conference in Jordan then click here to find out more about FMNR.


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