Cows Conserving Carbon

This is a great story reported yesterday by The Land about the benefits of holistically managed livestock for the health of our grasslands, increased meat production and carbon conservation. Thanks to David Ward of Holistic Results for the story.

“WHEN it comes to climate change, livestock animals have become confused with human management of livestock, Tony Lovell says. A cow is just a cow, the co-founder of Soil Carbon Australia observed, but how a cow impacts on the environment is entirely the product of human decisions.

Those decisions are particularly relevant when the cow is being targeted as a methane-producing agent of climate change, in Mr Lovell’s view. Instead of positioning cattle and sheep as problems, he suggested that the focus switch to how humans manage both livestock and fire.

A co-founder with Bruce Ward of Soil Carbon Australia, Mr Lovell recently contributed to Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room initiative in London. The non-profit organisation is dedicated to harnessing entreprenurial drive in the development of climate change solutions. Managing livestock as a solution, rather than a problem, was one of the options on the table.

Mr Lovell has pursued lines of enquiry that put livestock in a more holistic light. Grazing animals play a vital role in the ecology of grasslands, in that they provide an efficient way of cycling plants. Read more here…

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