Coal Seam Gas Mining – The Ugly Truth

Everyone at GreenFoodie has been concerned about Coal Seam Gas Mining (CSGM) for a while now. We’ve compiled a couple of videos below to highlight the dangers and inequities of this industry both in Australia and overseas. Genevieve has written to her Member for Parliament about this issue and we are calling on all GreenFoodies to take action on this issue in any way you can (from letter writing, to attending or organising rallies, and non-violent civil disobedience including locking exploration and mining companies out of your properties).

Join the Lock the Gate Alliance to keep up-to-date about what is happening across Australia.

This first video shows the effects CSGM and fracking are already having on our communities, environment and most precious of all resources, our water. (Thanks to Ecomeasures for the link)


SBS Insight had an interesting discussion on CSGM this week that brought up a lot more questions than it answered. Watch it by clicking here.


The video below explores what is happening to communities in the USA who were the first to pioneer these extraction methods.

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