More than a locavore in Mudgee

G Magazine explores the delights of Mudgee Farmers Markets. Held on the 3rd Saturday of each month and hosted by Mudgee Fine Foods, treat yourself!

Article by Caitlin Howlett from G Magazine Online

It’s hard to imagine a more quaint or wholesome country town. Tucked into the fertile hills of central west NSW, Mudgee showcases the best of what can be done with good, organic food – and I was all-too-happy to explore the delights of the region last weekend. But it’s not just about the organic food, or even the biodynamic wine. It’s about the locals themselves, and how proud they are of sharing their healthy local produce.

At the Mudgee Farmer’s Markets you’ll actually speak to the farmer directly and you can find out what it is that’s most important to you about the food you eat. Are you concerned about animal welfare, do you want low-preservative wine, or do you want fruit that is guaranteed free from pesticides? When you choose to purchase food because it fits with what’s important to you, you’re fostering pride that the good quality food is held in high esteem. Read more here…

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