Biota Dining, Bowral

We recently had a weekend away in the NSW Southern Highlands. Amongst many great foodie delights, the stand out was Biota Dining and we’ll tell you about the rest in the coming weeks. We stumbled across Biota while driving around Bowral looking for somewhere to have dinner. To our surprise, what we found within was nothing short of amazing!

As well as a brilliant menu in their progressive dining room, they have a casual bar area with a rather tasty tapas menu… by rather tasty I mean challenging my favorite restaurant for top position and winning. As we weren’t really dressed for the progressive dining room (although the staff were welcoming and unpretentious) we chose the less formal tapas option. There was quite a choice but we narrowed it down to; Warm olives with garden aromatics, Truffle and cave ripened gruyere toastie, Caramel pork belly and, Mini wagyu burgers. Oh and as we couldn’t decide on the dessert menu we went for the “Sweets to share” which contained a little of everything from the dessert menu! It was nothing short of amazing and we can’t wait to go back for more, the dinner, lunch and Sunday breakfast menus all looked great.

On top of the great food, service and atmosphere Biota also conducts regular cooking classes on things as diverse as pasta, sourdough, pastry, working with all kinds of meat, dairy and fresh produce, salami making… the list goes on…

Biota also have their own kitchen garden, and here’s what they say about their food;

Biota is a dining experience supporting both local farmers and growers, focusing on artisan produce incorporating seasonal botanicals in all aspects of its menus and environment. Our constant study and devotion on the extraction of both taste and aroma in all plant and animal form is an intergral part of our cycle. Biota’s food is produce and technique driven, we focus on local products from the surrounding area, foraging as well as propagating have become a large part of our gastronomic journey.

Our onsite automated glasshouse grows over 40 varietels of seed imported from france, netherlands and local suppliers which gives us a constant seasonal harvest of shoots, cresses and seedlings getting put to into gastronomic practice on a daily basis.

Check out Biota Dining’s website for more information

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