Urban Food Market – Sustainable Produce for Sustainable People, Sydney

I can’t wait for our next trip to Sydney, the day will start here and I may need all the car space we have to bring some of everything home!

Here’s what they say:

  • Whether it is rich, flavoursome grassfed Wagyu, tender saltbush free range lamb or mouth-watering free range pork and poultry, we guarantee to bring you exceptional quality in all the produce we source.
  • We promise NO growth promotants, NO added hormones, NO feedlots, NO cages, NO pens, NO concrete floors and NO Genetically Modified feed, simply animals grown the way they were intended to be grown. Naturally…
  • Urban Food Market sources products which have been produced in a sustainable and natural way, this means that we support the whole process from land, animal, farmer and you… We partner with sustainable producers where-ever possible to source produce which has a minimal impact on our environment as we strongly believe that without sustainable measures, we will not be able to enjoy quality food in the future let alone enjoy the world we live in.
  • We give more back to the farmer, we ensure the animal and land is looked after and we ensure you get a product that not only has been produced in an ethical sustainable manner, but one that tastes bloody good too!


They are only open to the public on Saturday mornings or by appointment so check out their website and plan your visit!


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