Free-Range Pork

Check out Ormiston Free-Range Pork.¬†James and Georgie Caspar started Ormiston Free Range in 2007 following a ‘tree-change’ from the UK to Australia. They run a fantastic small-holding and are more than happy to share their knowledge about free-range farming and pig raising on their beautiful property just outside Mudgee NSW. Farm tours run every Sunday and James and Georgie are more than happy to share their passion and knowledge with others who may be interested in free-range pork farming. Visit their site at

The following website also has excellent resources and advice on free range pork farming:

Australian Pig Farmers offer courses in pig handling for free range producers.  They also provide a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences and a place where you can ask for guidance and help from other aussie pig farmers. General membership is free. Visit Australian Pig Farmers at


Happy Pigs!!!

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