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” Holistic Management was first conceived and developed by Rhodesian biologist, game ranger, politician, farmer, and rancher, Allan Savory, over 40 years ago. Holistic Management is driven by a decision making framework which ensures economic, ecological, and social soundness, simultaneously, both short and long term. Savory articulated four key insights which are pivotal to our understanding of the natural world —insights which underpin the Holistic Management decision making framework.  Land, grazing, and financial planning procedures complement the framework, enabling on-the-ground managers to effectively handle the inherent complexity of stewarding natural “wholes”.

Our core competency in Holistic Management is the ecologically regenerative, economically viable, and socially sound management of the world’s grasslands, rangelands, and savannas. These environments comprise two thirds of the planet’s surface area. Their degradation has been ongoing since the first hominids discovered the tool of fire, and has accelerated in concert with the expansion of the human population (with its associated eradication of most of the world’s grazing and browsing megafauna, the subsequent replacement with fewer numbers of more sedentary, domesticated livestock, and soil degrading cropping practices). This degradation is characterized by a loss of soil cover (comprised of both living plants and decaying plant litter), which leads to less effective water and mineral/nutrient cycling, poorer solar energy flow, and reduced biodiversity. This all leads to the loss of previously sequestered soil carbon (a major source of our existing atmospheric CO2 load), severely degraded land or deserts, and the loss of food production capacity.

In a natural context, constantly moving, healthy herds of large herbivores, interacting with their associated predators, create the disturbance (grazing and animal impact) necessary to maintain healthy ecosystem processes. Their presence ensures the continuation of the carbon cycle (with the all-important step of “decay” accelerated by the microbes in their digestive tracts), high levels of plant diversity, and a covered soil surface. Because the animals are constantly moving to new grazing, plants (between episodes of heavy grazing) have the chance to fully recover their above-ground leaf area and restore carbohydrate reserves in their crowns, roots, and stem bases. Holistic Management’s expertise is in re-creating/imitating these natural grazing patterns with domestic livestock, and regenerating the land in the process.” Savory Institute

TAFE Western in Orange is exploring the potential of starting another Holistic Management and Decision Making™ course this year. You don’t have to be a farmer/grazier or own any land to attend, you just need an interest in learning and a passion for making our world a better place.

This course is proposed to start on 10/11 October and will be delivered in 8 by 2-day modules. It will cover all aspects of both development and implementation of:

✓ Holistic biological monitoring and ecosystem processes
✓ Holistic Goal setting and testing
✓ Holistic Wealth Creation and Financial Planning
✓ Holistic Grazing Planning
✓ Holistic Land Planning

Proposed dates are:

October 10/11 – 2011
October 24/25
November 24/25
December 13/14

January 19/20 – 2012 (maybe? We’ll decide ‘democratically’ with April as the alternative, cf below)
February 08/09
February 28/29
March 13/14
April 03/04 (prior to Easter)

The course will be based at the TAFE WI Forest Road campus in Orange but will also include practical sessions ‘off site.’ The course fees includes tuition, Allan Savory and Jody Butterfield’s text, handbook, charts, 15 CD audio set of the text book, course manual, assignment notes and a Certificate of Attainment on completion. All this for only $225!!!

If you are interested in this fantastic course please contact Paul Griffiths ACE at paul@reasontospeak.com or call + 61 2 9144 3975 before 26 September. 20 people are needed before the course can be confirmed. Be one of the first to register.

Paul is an Accredited Consultant and Educator – certified by the Savory Institute to teach Allan Savory’s Holistic Management TM and is currently doing just that at TAFE Western Institute – Orange NSW.

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