The Diggers Club – A Gardener’s Resource

The Digger’s Club is Australia’s largest garden club. We are passionate about preserving the best traditions. We nurture two historic gardens so you can visit and learn about gardening. Heronswood has two buildings listed on the Register of National Estate. We teach gardening at horticultural colleges, run workshops, and publish books.

They have Australia’s largest range of heirloom vegetables, cottage flowers and fruit plants that can be delivered direct to your door.

They offer seeds and plants in 6 mail order catalogues. They pack your order at our nursery and Australia Post delivers direct to your garden, whether it’s in Darwin or Hobart. It’s cheaper that way and saves you driving hundreds of miles to pick up our sort of plants, that aren’t available at your local nursery.

The Digger’s Club have specialised in growing hard to find, non-mainstream seeds and plants for mail order customers, who are passionate gardeners, for over 30 years. Plants are trialled for hardiness and drought tolerance under the hot Australian sun. They’re also displayed in our gardens, taste-tested in our cafes and propagated in our nurseries.


Get your great plants, bulbs and seeds from The Digger’s Club!

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  1. Leith says:


    Can anyone help me find Scorzona & Salsify seeds in Sydney?

    Email me & I’ll give you my mobile

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