Book: The Urban Cook

This is a great book, great tips on sustainable eating and some awesome recipes!

Amid the hectic lives we lead today, it can be hard to find time to think about where our food comes from and the choices we make in how we shop, cook and eat. In this thoughtful, approachable book, chef Mark Jensen examines the issues surrounding good food choices. Whether it’s little things in our day to day lives or bigger decisions, “The Urban Cook” provides information and recipes to help those aiming for planet-friendly eating. With chapters devoted to seafood, chicken, beef & veal, pork & lamb, vegetables and dessert, Jensen, a leading Sydney chef, covers the issues that he deals with every day at work and at home. This is an approachable but informative book which speaks to the strong and ongoing interest in food sources and healthy, planet-friendly choices. This is an approachable, urban guide to cooking with a conscience, written in a personable, approachable voice. It examines the issues of food production, transport and use. It includes more than 100 easy, flavoursome recipes drawn from many cultures. Stylish design and beautiful scenery and food photography will appeal to urban eco-warriers, keen cooks, and anyone interested in where their food comes from.

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