View from Above the Coffee Garden Canopy

Source @ RainforestAlliance – 11 Aug 2011

In the third installation of his report from Papua New Guinea, Noah Jackson – an auditor and trainer for the Rainforest Alliance – describes his experience as the first foreigner to explore one local community’s farmlands.  

We’re hiking down a steep slope that’s been planted with kunai grass and heading toward a series of coffee gardens. The native grass, which pushes along the border of some local farms, will soon be cut down, dried and used to patch hut roofs. That’s not its only use. It helps to hold the soil in place, and, when the time comes for an impromptu nap in the field, provides a soft bed.

I turn around to take a snapshot of the farmers I’m walking with, and see that the excitement is building as we hurry down the slope.  My sandal straps strain against the decline and our quickening pace. I’m told that I’m the first foreigner to visit this community. It’s a spontaneous party and there is no better way to celebrate than visiting the coffee gardens.

Read the rest of this story and see the amazing pictures on Rainforest Alliance’s ‘the frog blog’

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