Our foodie weekend

We had a pretty good foodie weekend this week. It started off as it usually does, Genevieve and the baby bump sleeping in and me having coffee outsideGreenfoodie - Urbanfood Canberra with the hound. Then we headed out to catch up with a friend and have brunch – to our usual haunt, Urban Food + Cafe. The breakfast and atmosphere were great as usual. I had the pancakes with berry compote and yoghurt and Genevieve had the French toast with maple and Canadian bacon. Still don’t get the whole bacon and sweet thing! Food was great and the coffee was consistently good!

We then headed out to Piallago to get some garden supplies, including a large sack of alpaca poo for our veggie garden. The afternoon involved some research for greenfoodie, and some work on the site. (Check out the new Store and Contact Us functions). We headed off late afternoon to have dinner with friends. More than just dinner though, we made pizzas and cooked together in a friend’s wood fired oven. There’s nothing like home-made pizza fresh from a wood oven. Needless to say a few drinks followed, for me not the bump, and it was home to bed.

Newly planted fruit trees and our makshift frost protection - cat cage + shadecloth!

Sunday started much the same as Saturday and once I’d had my second coffee for the morning we were off into the garden to enjoy the sun. It was quite a productive morning and we planted our bare fruit trees, apples and nectarine as well as a couple of raspberry bushes. All our herbs and veges got some alpaca poo (it can go straight on the plants, it doesn’t burn them like other animal poo can) as well as weeding and watering. Then we set about planning an upgrade to our garden. This is a bit of a challenge as we are renting so everything happens in pots. This makes it even more important to have good soil and compost. The plan is evolving and I am off to find some bigger troughs to grow in this year. I’m thinking of something like stock feed troughs or similar…  Anyway, Genevieve will start posting our garden journal and plan and you can follow our success, or lack there of, in the coming weeks.

After taking the hound for his daily walk and a quick visit to the supermarket it was time for some cooking. I was really impressed by the simple Spiced Biscuits recipe I saw in the first issue of SBS’ new food mag, Feast, so they were first cab off the rank. This was followed by my home cooked beans, two weeks of breakfasts worth, and then it was on to a roast leg of lamb with veges for dinner. Sunday night finished off quite typically with a glass of red or two and relaxing in preparation for another week.

Hope yours was as satisfying!


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