Organic food 3rd in top 5 growth industries

Source @ ABC Rural – Friday, 22/07/2011

The organics industry continues its above average rate of growth, ranking third on a list of the top 5 growth industries.

The latest report from forecaster IBISWorld says demand for organic produce will push revenue up by 13 per cent this year to around $500 million.

IBISWorld analyst Suzannah Rowley says continued consumer concern about health and the environment, and a standardised labelling system is driving the growth.

She says presenting organic food in a convenient and ready to cook form has increased it’s acceptance by consumers.

‘The fact that it could already be included in tinned tomatoes or corn or something that would be an ingredient into a meal or even a ready made meal from organic products certainly has a very good impact on demand.”

The two top growth industries on the IBISWorld list were filled by oil and gas production and sugar manufacturing.

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