Townsville’s Sprout Green Grocer – Review

By Zoe Carriere – Mother, Teacher, Vegan

Zoe Carriere

Hi Green Foodies,

I have just discovered an awesome place called Sprout Green Grocers and wanted to share it with you.  The store specialises in organic, gluten free, preservative free, and local and regional food.  It has all the essentials including a large range of organic fruit and vegetables, organic meats and more.  There is also a library section where you can purchase books on nutrition including vegan cookbooks, as well as other holistic books.  Cosmetics, pet foods, and cleaning products are also available here.

The space is large and neatly presented, and the staff are very friendly and informative.  I did my weekly shop with them for the first time yesterday, and was struck by the sense of community and warmth of the experience.  The shop was busy, but not enough to be uncomfortable and I was greeted with smiles not only by the staff, but other shoppers.

I was also genuinely surprised by the affordability of the products, as even though some products were more expensive than at a regular grocery store, others proved cheaper.  I in fact spent less than my allocated budget, which was a very pleasant surprise.  I also avoided pre-packaged food which may have attributed to some of the difference, however it is more incentive to eat wholefoods, which really is what we should be eating.

The produce itself was so fresh,  you could actually smell the flavour from outside of the fruit. I left the store feeling so happy, with my daughter excitedly exclaiming what a great store it is.  The pleasure did not end there though, as soon as we got home we cut up some of that fruit and practically melted with the abundance of flavour.  On a side note, the organic apple we cut up started to brown fairly quickly, as it naturally should (oxidisation) and it was heartening to see.  Heartening because I am concerned about what chemicals and processes are being used on and in our food.

My daughter had left an apple (not organic) in her lunch box over the holidays for two weeks, and that apple had not broken down in any way.  It was still hard and shiny.  I found that disturbing because clearly that apple had something done to it keep it in that condition.

Sprout caters to those concerns beautifully, so if you are in the Townsville region, check it out…you won’t be disappointed!

For more information you can check out their website at:

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14 Responses to “Townsville’s Sprout Green Grocer – Review”
  1. Elaine says:

    Hi, could you please tell me the location of the Sprout Green Grocers please?
    Thank You

    • Genevieve says:

      Hi Elaine. Sprout’s address is Hyde Park Centre, 36-48 Kings Road, Hyde Park, Townsville (opposite Castletown and behind Muscle and Fitness Gym). They have a website although it doesn’t reflect how good the store is. We have just come back from Townsville and popped into Sprout ourselves. It is an excellent store, full of beautiful fresh produce, a wide range of organic products and a fantastic range of raw food products made on the premises by Arohanui. We had a few different Arohanui products and they were delicious. Sprout hosts interesting workshops and their staff are friendly and helpful. We bought a juicer while we were there and they were more than happy to ship in to Canberra. We definitely recommend a visit to check them out.

  2. Jack says:

    You can get a whole range of organic produce from Comfort Foods in Mission Beach. They also have a stall at Willows markets every Sunday in Townsville. From gluten free organic pancakes to the only whole meal pasta made in Australia, this is a gourmet range that is seriously concerned with what it means to be organic.

  3. Sue Orr says:

    Hi all,Yes I shopped at Sprout for the first time this week also & found the shop full of all the the things I have wanting for so long & more.I don”t live in Townsville but shop there regularly & am always looking for books or wholefood items but can only buy online or when I go away.As a person who is concerned about chemicals in foods & cleaning items I just loved the experiance of shopping in Sprout staff are so friendly & helpfull I’ll definately be back…

  4. Food Lover says:

    Sprout is not the only organic food store in Townsville. I don’t like to shop there as I have witnessed, on a number of occasions, the staff being bullied by the store owner. Yes, they do offer a good variety, but I prefer to do my shopping at Organic Goodness.

  5. Rob says:

    In fairness, I have not been to this store, but have been skeptical after reading quite a few negative comments about this store and it’s owner’s rudeness towards her own employees and customers as well.

  6. Rob says:

    I shop at Organic Goodness in Kirwan, but I hear that they will be closing their business on the 31st December. I hope they change their mind, because the folks there are so warm and friendly. Do check them out if you live close to the area and find out for yourself how lovely the staff there is. I also shop at the farmers market on Sunday mornings at Willows, Kirwan,. All the produce is not organic, but you will find that a few framers grow near organic and will be honest if they do or don’t. In any event, the produce is fresh from the framers themselves and comes at 1/4 to 1/2 Coles and Woolies prices.

    • Genevieve says:

      Hi Rob, thanks for the tip. I have family in Townsville but I didn’t get the chance to visit Organic Goodness in Kirwan. I hope they don’t close down, we need as many organic food stores as we can get!

  7. Robert says:

    If you shop at this store be very careful of out of date, past best before dates and items that have been frozen when they are past there use by dates.

    Witnessed the owner being very rude to her staff, I now know why they can not keep staff for very long who would want to work in a place where they are treated so bad and spoken too in the manner which she does. They had a very nice man start there a few weeks ago and one of the staff members today told me he left after only 2 weeks, I wonder why or do I already know the answer. One of the staff told me that they are not allowed to ask a customer how their day was or the owner gets upset. They also get 1 half hour break in 8 hour shift no coffee breaks allowed.

    Shelves are always empty as well so I am screaming out for an alternative, buying some good stuff from Foodworks Warrina now and cheaper, also there is a little shop near Snap Fitness in Town which has a good range as well. I suggest people try here as I found that they had Backfatters products today as well. saying that though if you are prepared to overlook this and pay well above the market prices they do have a good range. just not a nice friendly place to shop I only go now if I am desperate.

  8. Robert says:

    Hey all if you shop here be very careful that you check your use by dates I have bought lots of stuff way past it’s best before or use by date and when you ring up to let them know the lady that answers the phone says suppliers are just being too conservative with their dates. Also so many things are always empty. But saying that it is a organic buyers dream or nearly.

    I agree with the previous comment regarding the staff I have seen them spoken to in a manner which made me cringe, staff never stay too long which is reflected by a nice man they had recently who I was told by a staff member that had left as well. The lady who runs the place treats them with no respect.

    Can I suggest you also try Foodworks in Warrina they have a huge range now including Backfatters as well as a shop near Snap Fitness they are my favourite organic shop now very friendly and always stocked well.

  9. Joanna says:

    The store owner is an absolute discrace. Who can believe that in the year 2014 bullying in the workplace can still exist. I have also witnessed as many others have staff reduced to tears, staff yelled at in front of customers and yelling from the office when it would seem the owner flies into a rage and is openly out of control. Why is this business still operational?? If you have also witnesed her rudeness and poor behavior please add your comments.
    Refuse to put my hard earned money into her back pocket thats for sure.

  10. ruth says:

    new customers – suggest you go to Sprout and come to your own conclusions. too much negativity here. i’m new customer. went there 1st time 2 days ago. i agree with the Reviewer. it’s a great shop, lots of choice AND fresh fruit/veges are cheaper than many Organic shops in different towns/Cities i have bought in. going back today for more. glad i wasn’t put off.

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