Keeping Cattle: Cause or Cure for Climate Crisis?

This is a VERY important lecture that all Australians should watch, delivered by world famous livestock expert Allan Savory from the Savory Institute. The grazing industry has been vilified for many years and accused as the cause of desertification and climate change due to ‘overgrazing’ delicate environments. However, livestock grazing at factors of sometimes 400% current herd levels can actually reverse desertification, biodiversity loss and climate change.

Allan Savory delivered the lecture below to the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability (FEASTA) 2009 Conference. It is almost 1 hour long but full of well researched examples that demonstrate time and time again “in Africa, Australia and North and South America that, properly managed, livestock are essential to land restoration. With the right techniques, plant growth is lusher, the water table is higher, wildlife thrives, soil carbon increases and, surprisingly, perhaps four times as many cattle can be kept.”

Please watch and support our graziers, for the sake of our food, our environment and the survival of our civilisation!


Allan Savory – Keeping Cattle: cause or cure for climate crisis? from Feasta on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to “Keeping Cattle: Cause or Cure for Climate Crisis?”
  1. Peter Meldgaard says:

    Thank you for sharing this video.

    It is much more in-depth than the TED talk that led me here. I cannot believe this kind of knowledge has been kept from us for almost 30 years, with nearly irreparable damage to the planet as a result.

    Even now, as the TED talk is (excuse the phrase) spreading like wildfire, people will contest these findings and shake their heads in disbelief, pointing to these all too common thin-legged beliefs that in themselves don’t provide any solutions.

    Well here is the solution, and even if I am a cartoonist by trade and not an influential person in agriculture or politics so help me I will preach it.

    • Genevieve says:

      It’s exciting isn’t it! I wish the amazing work being done to regenerate our farmlands while increasing productivity was more widely known.

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