Lessons from an Urban Back Yard Food Forest Experiment

From the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia — by Angelo Eliades April 13, 2011

In our modern, Western, science-centred world, proof is very highly valued. We are habitual sceptics, our minds are trained to hunger for irrefutable facts, and when these aren’t delivered, claims are met with denial, scepticism and disbelief….

When it comes to permaculture, one question that often arises from those outside of Permaculture circles is “…but does it really work?” Far too often, I’ve heard people doubting the viability of permaculture systems, I’ve even heard lukewarm responses from within our own ranks!

It’s not every day that you wake up and try to objectively prove a major system of thinking to yourself. But one morning in early 2008 I woke up like every other morning, but took that first step on a fateful journey that would change everything….

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