Rainforest Alliance

So, what does the Rainforest Alliance logo on your chocolate, coffee and other products actually mean?

The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.


Small Actions = Big Changes from Rainforest Alliance on Vimeo.

Here at the Rainforest Alliance, we know that with a worldwide population of six billion people and growing, we can’t preserve resources indefinitely. We can’t stop people from using wood or planting food, and we can’t prevent them from living in ecologically fragile areas. So rather than preservation, our approach is conservation through “best management practices.” We work around the world to make farming, forestry and travel more environmentally and socially friendly.

We do this by helping companies and communities that derive their living by using the land and its resources to adopt our scientifically established methods of land management, i.e., best management practices. These methods lead to the sustainability—or long-term health—of the environment and wildlife, while ensuring that workers and their families and neighbors are treated fairly and with respect. By awarding our Rainforest Alliance Certified seal to farms and the Forest Stewardship Council/Rainforest Alliance seal to forest managers and companies that process forest products, we make “best management practices” economically attractive to businesses, while giving consumers the opportunity to choose products that make a difference.

Look for our seal on coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, bananas, passion fruit, plantains, macadamia nuts, orange juice, ferns and flowers. It can also be found on wood and wood products — including the final installment of Harry Potter! Check out more @ www.rainforest-alliance.org

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