Real Food, Canberra

A great initiative by some Canberra locals – Canberra Greenfoodies show your support by buying their cookbook or going to one of their events!

Check them out @ Real Food Canberra

Canned, packaged and pre-made food dominates our supermarket isles, most of our food travels thousands of kilometers before even reaching our plates, and increasingly you need a science degree to decipher the ingredients in your biscuit. What’s wrong with this system??

Real food is about …well… just that, food which is REAL. We support food which is:

  • Ethical for people and animals
  • Sustainable
  • and Nutritious

If you love the crunch of a crispy apple or the steamy warmth of homebaked bread then real food is for you too! Explore our website, sign, and if you’re in Canberra, get in touch! There can never be too many cooks in the kitchen! Also check out our youth sustainable cookbook to be released later this year.

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