GoodLife. Modern Organic Pizza, Adelaide

When we lived in Adelaide our lazy “lets just order pizza” dinner option always had a little more style and taste than your average pizza. GoodLife pizza is the best pizza I’ve ever had. The Angaston Spicy Salami pizza is my all time favorite.

At GoodLife, we place an enormous importance on sourcing produce that’s organic, fresh, in season and from regional South Australia. And when we do have to go further afield, it is only in a continual pursuit of quality and flavour. That means we spend a lot of time at local farms, markets and with organic growers. So when you tuck into your GoodLife organic pizza, know that the burst of flavour you experience is as nature intended it.

The environment is important to us because we believe good food shouldn’t cost the earth. So we’ve changed the way we do things at GoodLife to achieve a Carbon Neutral status. That means we don’t take anything from the planet we don’t give back. But in the end, it’s all about good food and good friends. And when you have both, you’ve got a good life.

What’s on the menu? We have a menu based primarily on nine pizzas’ (four vegetarian) with seasonal updates, and use a specials board to present special “in season or unique produce” brought to us by suppliers.
Allergies: Our pizzas do naturally contain gluten and yeast, but we can provide warm Free range Chicken or Springs smoked salmon salads for customers allergic to yeast or gluten. Or we can provide small gluten free pizza bases for a small extra charge. We can also make ‘Vegan’ pizzas for people who do not each cheese or dairy.

Location: GoodLife has three locations in Adelaide.    Find GoodLife pizza @ Their Website or on Facebook.

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