Growing the Growers Project

This is a great project being run by Joyce Wilkie and Michael Plane from Allsun Farm at Gundaroo. Check out their introduction video and then visit their website to find out more. Greenfoodie will bring you updates on this exciting project as it evolves!

Growing the Growers Project Website

“It is becoming increasingly obvious that there is a need to ‘Grow more Growers’ and encourage more young people into the food production side of farming. To this end we travelled the US and in England, Wales and the Czech Republic in May and June 2010 filming and interviewing people we think are influential in the field.”

In May 2009 Joyce & Michael decided to have a six week holiday, the following year, visiting family and friends in the USA and Britain. As plans for the trip became real it became obvious that almost all the people they were going to be staying with had interesting and thoughtful things to say about the state of faming today. Things that should be recorded and which would tell an important, useful story. They approached their good friend Fred Harden, photo journalist and film maker and asked him if he and his wife Jan would like to come along and film the the places and people they were planning to visit.

Check out more on their website, this is a very inspiring project with something to teach us all!

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